Here it is!  My second Nixie Clock!

Running Russian IN-17 Sub-Miniture Nixie Tubes 

Image Image
This clock is build on a sheet of donut board and mounted between two clear panels of perspex.

Image I purchased a pre-programmed Microcontroller from NeoNixie that has a bunch of configurable options - 12/24 hour display, digit cycling to help prevent cathode poisoning, auto dimming time to start and stop and adjustable brightness settings, just to name a few.  This works like a treat and worth checking out.

ImageThe power supply was purchased from LEDsales  and converts the 12v to 220v to run the nixies.  I am running the clock from a 9v AC power supply, I have a rectifier on the board that outputs just on 12v.  From there I draw the power for the switch-mode power supply (for the nixies) and power for the logic circut (which is regulated via a LM7805 5v+ power regulator).

There is a colon neon between the hours and minutes, but is un-lit in these photos.  Coloured ribbon cable has been used on the rear of the PCB to connect the 74141 nixie drivers to the tubes and not shown in these photographs.

The three buttons on the right are (top) Set, (middle) Reset and (bottom) Advance, with the power jack at the bottom left-hand side.  There is a slight shock risk due to the fact that the sides are open, but you would really have to try and get your fingers in there.

I'm happy with the way this turned out, and will take pride of place on my desk at work.